My name is Sarah, an aussie reaching out into the world, seeking immersive experiences to enhance the internal expansion and exploration of self.

I initially left Australia to complete my 200 hour yoga teacher training in Nicaragua; my first time leaving the country to not only pursue solo travels, but to actively follow my passion for yoga. One of my biggest obstacles was finding the courage to consciously follow my heart, leaving what I had always perceived to be safe and secure for something that was completely unknown. It’s almost comical now being able to understand the patterns of fear and how it holds us in a place where the mind tries to rationalise; familiarity = security = happiness. I wasn’t unhappy at home, but I had a deep desire within me to seek more, to know more, to grow more and as much as it scared me to move out of my comfort zone; I understand the importance of breaking through the illusions of fear. Too experience exquisite transformation is understanding that true sense is a multi dimensional experience, therefore to find comfort in any kind of sense the mind seeks, is to grasp too tightly to the tiny dimensions of man made knowns. I’ve chosen this path; accepting complete surrender to the unknown, opening myself up to the lessons that unfold through the mystery.

This blog will be a creative expression of my constant awareness through the journeying of travel and yoga.


Places Travelled

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  1. Alva Cavasos says:

    Excellent article. I certainly appreciate this site. Thanks!

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