Él Remate

Log: 20th June 2016

• Sitting by the lake in Él Remate. It’s overcast and a light shower has just cleared. There are people playing in the water and it’s quiet and tranquil as I listen to the birds sing. They fly just above the water, creating concentric, emanating rings, weaving and dancing with each other. It’s beautiful, and I’m captured in this moment of stillness. I find myself on the edges of sadness and I can’t yet pin point the origin or reason for the emotion. There’s a paradox of thoughts that run through my mind. I’m immersed in the now, feeling every part connected to the world around me. All exists in simple harmony, never strained or stressed. The birds never question their purpose, every movement orchestrated to the dance of life. The sun never doubts to set, it kisses the sky and paints colours of magic. The water never pains to flow as it hugs itself against the banks. The intrinsic information existing within nature – that which is communicated on such levels of intensity and precision, executed in an immaculate way often unnoticed by the observer, is never questioned. We don’t see flaws or faults within the planes of nature. So when I recognise this I wonder why I ever doubt that I exist outside of these circumstances. That my mere existence is grander than all other things. That I would be excluded from the creation, the masterpiece of life. I guess it’s moments of sadness that create the polarity of awareness. I settle myself into a space of reflection and I have taught myself to follow the emotion, running my finger tip down the string that leads to the source. Sometimes the cause just sits under the surface of my being, sometimes I need to dig deeper and revisit the space over again to better understand the root. I think right now it’s just a slight skim, a little reminder to never forget the elegance of who I am. And just like this captivating moment. I am perfect.

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